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kids and money

Give your children a head start in the world of money with these books, games, and toys that make learning about money fun. They come with a variety of price tags (including free) so mom and dad can stick to their budget too. Drop us an email at thefrugalbuzz@hotmail.com if you have a product you really like or a story or tip about teaching children money management that you’d like us to share.

AGES: 3-8

Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs

Southern California Entrepreneur Lori Mackey came up with a fun way to teach kids about the road to financial freedom. She created a colorful storybook, Money Mama & The Three Little Pigs, in which Money Mama teaches her piglets to set aside a portion of their income for charity, investments and savings, and spending. Included is a ceramic piggy bank (very cute) that has four coin slots – a big mama compartment for spending and three smaller (piglet sized) chambers for saving, donating and investing that allow kids to put their new learning into practice.

AGES: 5-9

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Checkbook with Calculator

It is important from a young age on to teach our children about money management, spending wisely and saving. They watch the way their parents manage money, and they might learn at school. A great way of teaching them is through hands-on teaching, for example through the Learning Resources Pretend and Play Checkbook with Calculator. It is a product that suits children ages 5 to 9. It comprises a battery-powered calculator, a checkbook with 25 realistic looking checks, check register, pen, deposit slips and instruction card. With these resources, children learn how to make payments and check their balances. This will teach them, later in life, to develop good money managing habits and financial responsibility. Overall, kids like responsibility and copy adults. In this respect, this learning resource is a fantastic way of teaching them about money in a fun way.

AGES: 5-10

Financial Peace Jr.: Teaching Kids About Money! : “Cool Tools” for Training Tomorrow’s Millionaires!

This audio CD, by finance guru, Dave Ramsey, helps children (recommended for kids aged 5 to about 10) to appreciate money and learn about money management. It is never too early to teach your kids about money as it helps them to grow up into financially sound and responsible adults. Dave Ramsey has helped millions of Americans fight their way through debt with the help of his financial books and his Financial Peace University course. In his “Teaching Kids About Money” CD, he passes on his knowledge to your youngsters in an easy to understand and fun way. They will learn to appreciate money and learn about money management principles by applying the tools he gives to them. You will then be able to include them in a total family money makeover. Overall, this is a fun and educational CD, which gives children a head start in the world of money. They will start thinking about money, the consequences of spending, how to save wisely and grow up into financially responsible people. This is – in my opinion – a great product from a financial master.

AGES: 7 & Up

Learning Resources Money Bags A Coin Value Game

The Learning Resources Money Bags a Coin – a Coin Value Game, teaches children (ages 7 up) about the value of coins in a fun way. Knowing coins and the value that each one stands for, is an important skill and lots of youngsters can benefit from playing this educational and entertaining board game. The board game itself is brightly colored and represents a winding path from the start to the finish line. The incentive of the game is earning money as you move from square to square. Children need to spin the spinner and there are instructions on each square they land on. They learn about nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies and the value of each of them. The winner of the game is obviously the one with the most money in the end. Overall, it is a fast game that can be played any time of the day with your children. It will certainly improve their money counting skills. As most adults nowadays pay with credit cards, kids don’t see their parents counting their change very often anymore. This board game helps them tremendously and in an easy to understand way by adding up the value of coins. In addition, they don’t just learn about money, playing board games with your children is a good way of creating family bonding time.

AGES: Teens

The Teen Girl’s Gotta-Have-It Guide to Money: Getting Smart About Making It, Saving It, and Spending It! (Teen Girl’s Gotta-Have-It Guides) If you have a teenage girl yourself or know one, the ‘Teen Girl’s Gotta-Have-It Guide to Money’ would make a well-appreciated book. It is packed full of money advice for teen girls, written in an easy and fun way. Girls will learn how to spend their money wisely and make money as a teen. Saving accounts and money management are explained, as well as how to save up for something they really want. In addition, the authors talk about smart money habits and how these will help them in the future to live financially independent. Included in the book are fun quizzes, illustrations and other money games that teen girls will enjoy and learn from.


Jake's New Room

Jake's New Room

Money Savvy Pig

What I love about the Money Savvy Pig is it has four chambers that allow children to apportion their money for spending, saving, charity, etc. It is also comes in lots of colors (yes, PINK too)! Kids will like the see through aspect of the Piggy because it’s fun to watch your savings grow. A Tip Sheet for parents on how to teach money basics and some neat stickers for the kids are also included.

Fun, Educational & Free!

The United States Mint for Kids site (very cool)

Back to School with Family Education (excellent resources for parents to teach children about money)

It’s My Life (a PBS Online program for kids) is super fun for kids and adults – there are many interactive games and activities on money and other subjects to educate and entertain for hours.

Washington Department of Financial Institutions Financial Education Clearinghouse (news, resources, and information about finances) – Don’t let the long title fool you -this is a terrific site – again for all ages and with lots of information for the parents.

Feed The Piggy - Read all about this easy, fun (and funny) way to save. Good for kids and parents alike.

Living Debt Free – Practical and easy ways to eliminate credit card debt once and for all. For Adults.

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