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How to Save Money with Restaurant Coupons

Brought to you by: The Frugal Buzz On April 15, 2011 No Comments

Do you enjoy dining out? Then you will want to know how to save money with restaurant coupons.

Many people enjoy the occasional dinner out. Dining out, however, can cause some strain on the wallet. Using restaurant coupons is a great way to cut your costs, no matter how many people are in your dinner party. Knowing where to find restaurant coupons and being aware of the restrictions will help you save money.

Restaurant coupons are coupons designed to save you money while you dine out. Local diners and big restaurant chains will advertise deals to draw customers in. Common coupons are a percentage off your total bill or a buy one, get one meal free deal. Check for expiration dates and any conditions that may be present in small type on the face of the coupon.

Finding legitimate restaurant coupons can prove to be a bit of a challenge, unless you know where to look. The first place to look is in your local flyers. Many newspapers send out circulars in Sunday’s paper. These circulars will normally advertise a coupon for a local restaurant chain.

The internet can be a great resource as well. As with any internet source, be sure to investigate the validity of the coupon. If you are unsure, call the restaurant or diner beforehand to confirm. Entertainment booklets offer coupons for several different restaurants. The books sell for $10-$20 each and also offer more coupons for stores and shopping online. 

Look for restrictions on the coupons. There is nothing worse than getting to the restaurant, being seated and then finding out your coupon is not valid for different reasons. Some coupons are only valid during the week and some will restrict the menu items. To avoid ordering a meal you do not want, you can browse through the menus online at the restaurant’s website if there is one. Most coupons are for eat-in diners, not for take out, so pay attention to this small detail as well.

Dining out does not have to be expensive. Look for coupons that offer you a deal on your meal but pay close attention to the restrictions. You can save money dining out, whether you dine out once a month or once a week.

Frugally yours, Mary

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