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Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Brought to you by: The Frugal Buzz On September 22, 2010 No Comments

Is Your Homeowners Insurance Good Enough?

Homeowners’ insurance is a must, no matter where you live. Insurance is a valuable protection plan that will insure your house and belongings should a disaster occur. Not all natural disasters are covered, however, and you may find yourself on the short end of a losing battle if you are not fully covered. Read on to find out what to look for when choosing a homeowners’ insurance policy.

Homeowners’ insurance is required by mortgage companies in order to insure you and the mortgage company against any loss. If you live in an area that is notorious for natural disasters, you may need to gain extra insurance in addition to your normal homeowners’ policy. Areas such as Florida, California or the mid-western states may not cover all natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods.

If you find that you live in a high-risk area, make sure you read the fine print of the homeowners’ policy. The best time to find out that you have no coverage is not after a disaster strikes. Unfortunately, that is how some people find out and then they have nothing to show for all of the destruction. So be sure to read the fine print and ask as many questions as you feel necessary in order to secure the best policy for your needs.

Some homeowners’ insurance companies may require that you secure additional insurance to insure against natural disasters that are frequent occurrences. For example, in Florida and other flat states, it is a good idea to secure additional insurance to guard against floods. Floods may not be covered under traditional hurricane insurance, so be sure to get the extra insurance if necessary.

A great way to keep your insurance coverage current is to take inventory each year of the assets in your house. As you gather more personal belongings and make expensive purchases, it is necessary to update your insurance to cover those items. Otherwise you will find that you are not insured for those items and it will cost you potentially thousands of dollars out of pocket to replace them.  *Make sure to check out the FREEBIE offer at the end of the post for an Inventory Checklist.

Homeowners’ insurance is a necessity when you own a house. Insurance policies protect your house and its contents against most natural disasters. Some natural disasters, however, are not covered by your insurance policy so it is a good idea to read the fine print instead of finding out too late that you have no coverage. If you need to secure additional coverage, it is recommended that you do so, especially if you live in a high-risk area.


The Claim Game: A Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe

I never thought Homeowner’s insurance was funny until I read Andy Wallngford’s The Claim Game: A Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe. Super informative about Homeowners insurance in general with specific information about claims – avoiding them (always best), but also how to file a claim; what to do and  what not to do.  This is truly a must read for yourself or a gift for the new homeowner.  You can click here to get your copy today The Claim Game: A Homeowner’s Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe

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