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Archive for the ‘Halloween’ Category

Trick or Treat – Money Saving Tips

Brought to you by: The Frugal Buzz On October 22, 2010 No Comments

The countdown to Halloween has begun and The Frugal Buzz is here to help.  The first step is to get into the spirit of Halloween.  Get dressed up to hand out the candy, decorate your house inside and out and show your Halloween spirit off to your neighbors.  It’s contagious and soon you can bring everyone along – especially your family.


Before you start spending, there are many easy and inexpensive ways to decorate for Halloween. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

One of my favorite holiday decorations is a light sack.  For Halloween, use orange paper bags already cut out with Halloween themes (or cut them yourself).  Fill the bottoms with sand and place a votive candle or use a battery tealight in each bag. These can be used to light up your driveway or front steps.

Using black construction paper, trace or draw large, bats with cut-out  eyes.  You can tape them to windows and turn the lights on.  Trick or Treat-ers coming over will see the bat shape with light shining through their eyes.  Spooky!

Don’t forget the bounty of the great outdoors.  Fill baskets or bowls with things from nature. Beautiful leaves, acorns, small pine cones, etc. surrounded by candles or miniature pumpkins make attractive centerpieces, etc.  You can also collect old branches, twigs and leaves to scatter around the front of your house to make it look abandoned or haunted.


Even though I still enjoy dressing up, it is always more fun to help kids with costume ideas.  Why buy expensive ready-made costumes when all you need

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Tips to Save Money at Halloween

Brought to you by: The Frugal Buzz On October 1, 2010 No Comments

Top Tips to Enjoy a Halloween Party (without breaking the bank)

BOO!  I love Halloween and I bet you do too.  It has to be one of the holidays most people look forward to; especially the kids. After all, it has a unique tradition and includes parties!

Throwing a Halloween party can get quite expensive. The good news is, it doesn’t have to. The Frugal Buzz has done the research for you to find the best budget-friendly Halloween Party tips.

Here are seven top tips to enjoy a Halloween party on a budget.  Oh yeah – keep reading to find out how you can win a special Halloween ‘Treat” from The Frugal Buzz…

#1 Buy your candy early and check out the bulk food stores, warehouse clubs and dollar stores. Candy takes stage front and center during Halloween and the weeks preceding it. However, candy can be purchased year-round. In fact, a savvy shopper and party thrower buys next year’s candy right after the Halloween/holiday. That’s when it’s cheapest. If you are like me and may EAT all the candy – buy something you don’t like and stash it in your freezer or an out of the way place until the big day.

#2 IInvite guests to bring their favorite Halloween party snacks. This will save you a lot of time and money preparing snacks and you’ll get to enjoy all of the creative snacks people bring. You can then devote your attention to making scary but delicious punch, and decorating.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grafixer/2359023241/

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grafixer/2359023241/

#3 Gift bags – Visit a website like Orientaltrading.com for great goodie bag items. They have all sorts of fantastic Halloween knick-knacks and crafts for an extremely low price. You can also visit your local dollar store for great ideas.

#4 Invitations – You can use an online invitation system like evite.com to send email invitations, or if you like old school traditional invitations consider making them yourself. A cut-out black spider from construction paper, glued onto a white note card, is a simple and attractive invitation. You can also make them on your computer if you’re not crafty.

#5 Set the mood with music. Fortunately, music is now quite inexpensive. You can download a Halloween album or scary sounds for just a few bucks. Plug in your iPod or MP3 player, hit shuffle and repeat and your music is set. You can also position speakers in the windows on the front of your home to set the mood for partygoers as they approach your house.

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